A "Uniquely Vanderbilt" Minor

The Undergraduate Business Minor is designed to complement Vanderbilt's strong liberal arts education. In the classroom, students take courses in business fundamentals taught by the Owen Graduate School of Management, as well as elective courses that follow specific business pathways. Other electives – "Business in Society" courses – connect the minor to the liberal curriculum. Electives are taught in the four undergraduate schools and address a wide variety of topics and student interests.

Outside the classroom, undergraduates can participate in professional clubs, blended learning events, speaker series and other programming designed to expose students to different areas of the business world, prepare them for internships and full-time careers, and help them connect with each other in purposeful ways.

World Class on a Personal Scale

The Owen Graduate School of Management provides best-of-breed business education on a personal scale, through a portfolio of programs in a diverse, close-knit, and collaborative environment. Through immersion experiences and degree programs that can take a little as 10 months to complete, we help undergraduate and recent undergraduate students build the skills needed to launch successful careers in all areas of business.



Business Minor

The Undergraduate Business Minor is an opportunity for students to pursue a program that is “Uniquely Vanderbilt.” This trans-institutional program, with elective course options from each of the four undergraduate schools and fundamentals courses taught by the Owen Graduate School of Management, is designed to complement the strong liberal arts education.

Undergraduate Business Organizations

Vanderbilt offers a variety of clubs that focus on various aspects of business. Participation in these clubs can help you discover more about career paths, hone your networking skills and develop as a leader. Vanderbilt Women in Business (WIB) Vanderbilt Investment Club Vanderbilt Entrepreneurship Club Vanderbilt Finance Club Vanderbilt Undergraduate Consulting Club Alpha Kappa Psi (Omega Nu Chapter) See a full list of business clubs and organizations below.

Accelerator® Business
Immersions at Vanderbilt

Learn and apply the fundamentals of business through a 4-week consulting immersion during the summer, build your knowledge of finance through a 5-day finance bootcamp or experience a 1-week global immersion focused on social ventures.

Specialized Masters

In an average year, 1.75 million Americans graduate from college. They, and you, will be in the market with everyone else competing for career-building jobs. We'd like to suggest several proven ways to swing the odds in your favor. Vanderbilt offers specialized masters in accounting (audit and/or valuation), finance and marketing. These degrees are designed for liberal arts students and can be completed in one year or less.


If you want an MBA after working a few years and you’d like to become a “Double Dore,” consider applying for the VU2MBA your senior year as a Vanderbilt undergraduate. This is an admissions application option for VU seniors to apply to the MBA Program; it is not a distinct MBA program on its own. Find out the advantages of choosing this route.

This unique Vanderbilt experience leverages the best of a liberal arts education with business experiences that prepare you for life.

M. Eric Johnson
Ralph Owen Dean and Bruce D. Henderson Professor of Strategy