The MAcc Assurance program cost for the 2019-2020 academic year:

Books & Supplies$500
Health Insurance (can be waived if proof of comparable coverage elsewhere)$3,650
Student Fees$500
Loan Fees$1,383
Additional Fee: Orientation$350

Average Living Expenses (Monthly):
Rent and Utilities ($1,240 monthly over nine months)$11,808
Personal Expenses$1,876

Becker CPA Review - $3,400 (the cost is usually covered by a student's future employer if the student has accepted a full-time position with a partner firm. If the student's cost is not covered by his/her employer, or he/she has not accepted a full-time position, the student is responsible for the cost of the Becker CPA review).


All Owen students live off campus. There are several residential buildings within one mile of Owen and several more that are within walking distance. Our students typically publish an overview of housing options in March and post it to the Admitted Applicants website. You may also use Vanderbilt University’s off-campus referral service provided by the Vanderbilt University Office of Housing and Residential Education.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is required for all students. The university offers a health insurance plan for students and their families. You may view a copy of the Graduate/Professional & International Brochure on health insurance by visiting our Student Health Center website.


Vanderbilt MAcc Scholarship

  • Scholarships are awarded to all students who meet qualifications for admission. Scholarship amounts start at $10,000 and increase based on individual merit. 
  • Additional merit scholarships are awarded based on criteria such as academic and personal achievements, GPA, GMAT or GRE scores, letters of recommendation, essays and interview.
  • Please remember that almost all financial aid is distributed in equal amounts per semester—half for the fall semester and half for the spring—so plan ahead to avoid running out of money.
  • Many of the state Societies of Certified Public Accountants offer scholarships for students. Be sure to check with your state society by searching for its website and looking under the student section.

AICPA John L. Carey Scholarships Program

Liberal arts students wishing to pursue graduate accounting study can receive financial aid through the AICPA John L. Carey Scholarships Program. Scholarships are available to all liberal arts degree holders of any regionally accredited U.S. institution who wish to pursue a CPA certificate. Scholarships are given based on academic achievement, leadership and future career interests and are contingent upon acceptance in a graduate accounting program. The deadline for submission is typically in early April. For more information, please visit the AICPA's website.

TSCPA Scholarships

The Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships to students who have completed introductory courses in accounting and/or students majoring in accounting. Students should be U.S. citizens and legal residents of Tennessee who are attending Tennessee schools. The deadline for submission is typically in early June. For more information, please visit the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants' website


Federal Financial Aid

Loans are dispersed through the central Office of Student Financial Aid. Visit Vanderbilt University’s financial aid website for details about loan options.

International students do not qualify for federally funded loan programs unless they are permanent residents of the U.S. However, an international student may apply for a private alternative source of funding, but a U.S. citizen or permanent resident is required as a co-borrower.

Other Resources

In addition to federal loans, scholarships and employment, students should consider personal savings, family funds, sponsorship by their company or government and other outside loans, grants and scholarships. Sallie Mae—a government-sponsored organization—provides the largest secondary market in the student loan business. You can find financial aid information, loan calculators and a free scholarship search at Sallie Mae.

Several resources exist for international students seeking financial aid to study in the U.S. Some banks will authorize loans, provided that the student has a bona fide U.S. co-signer to guarantee the loan.

Additional reference sources:

For International Students

International students may apply for a private alternative educational loan, with a U.S. citizen or permanent resident as a co-signer, for an amount up to the total cost of education. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for additional information. Or they may apply directly to Prodigy Finance, which does not require a co-signer. Click here to learn more.