Harsh Sundani

Harsh Sundani
Vanderbilt MBA

With his master’s degree in engineering, Harsh has traveled the world leading new product and process improvement teams within the semiconductor industry. He originally thought he would build a career by mastering purely technical roles. Later, he set his eyes on positions in senior management and realized that he would need the business acumen afforded by a top MBA program. Harsh is now in Los Angeles and a product line manager at Eaton.

6:30 am

Wake up and get ready for the gym.

8:00 am

Make breakfast and catch up on news.

9:00 am

Meet my Independent Study team to work on our project—developing a business plan to help launch a Nashville-based tech startup called Spotwise.

10:30 am

Answer emails and finish details on my summer internship (where I will work on developing energy-efficient LED light bulbs). Exciting!

11:20 am

Business in the World Economy class. This is my favorite class this mod, as it guides us through the causes and impact of the various financial crises in the last 100 years…things I have wanted to learn about for a long time.

1:00 pm

First meeting of the Operations Management Club’s new leadership team! Discussing plans for our three-quarter term with Robert, Thomas, Mayur and Lauren.

Vanderbilt MBA student Harsh Sundani shares his day as an MBA student at Owen.6:00 pm

Dinner with James and Chase, the founders of Spotwise. They’ve ordered beer and pizza for everyone working tonight. Ahh…the perks of working at a startup!

Vanderbilt MBA student Harsh Sundani shares his day as an MBA student at Owen.

8:00 pm

Arrive home and spend some quality time with my wife, Meesha.

10:00 pm

Catch up on emails and make my “to-do” list for tomorrow. Read cases for classes tomorrow. I’m excited to discuss the Intel case in the Operations Strategy class.

11:30 pm

To bed!