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Family Support at Vanderbilt Business

The Student Programs Office (SPO) supports students who are pregnant and students who are new parents. We provide an array of accommodations to student parents so they can maintain academic success throughout their pregnancy and upon returning to classes after the birth of their child. Accommodations include, but are not limited to, the following: ​

  • Adjusting course loads, section times, and enrollment limits where possible
  • Providing exam accommodations offering flexibility with the published exam schedule; facilitating an alternate testing environment
  • Permitting students to take breaks during classes or exams
  • Deferring exams and final projects due to the birth of a child and for related medical issues
  • Seating accommodations so students can sit on aisle seats for easy entry/departure
  • Parking accommodations so students can park in the surface lots near the school
  • Advising students on securing note-takers for classes missed
  • Lactation/nursing room access
  • Facilitating a short Leave of Absence (LOA) for the birth of a child or for pregnancy health-related concerns
  • Liaising with the Owen Partners Association for support and resources
  • Facilitating a connection to the Student Access Services for additional accommodations (readers, scribes, etc.)

Please note that accommodations vary by individual and will be determined by the Student Programs Office team in consultation with the student parent. Students are encouraged to reach out to the SPO as soon as possible to review accommodation options and to create a plan.

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