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Dean Eric Johnson Appoints 3 Vanderbilt Owen Faculty Members to Chaired Distinctions

Aug 10, 2022
Daniel Cohen, Jennifer Escalas, and Kelly Goldsmith are designated chaired professorships

By Lacie Blankenship

Dean Eric Johnson has appointed Daniel Cohen, Jennifer Escalas, and Kelly Goldsmith with chair distinctions effective in the 2022-2023  academic year. 

“I am pleased to announce these well-deserved appointments,” says Dean Johnson. “It is an honor to work alongside these incredible scholars who have had significant impact in their fields.”

Daniel Cohen, Professor of Accounting, is one of 6 new faculty members joining Vanderbilt Business in the fall and has been named Frances Hampton Currey Chair. Cohen’s primary area of research is on accounting choices and the influence of these choices on earning management. He also studies how financial statement disclosures affect or influence the firm’s cost of capital and affect the information environment upon which investors and the capital market more generally condition investment decisions. Cohen will teach Financial Reporting II in Mod 2.  

Jennifer Escalas, Dean Samuel B. and Evelyn R. Richmond Chair in Marketing, has been named Associate Dean of Academic Programs. Escalas’ scholarship focuses on narrative processing and consumer self-identity. She is one of the first researchers to explore narrative processing by approaching consumers as story-builders. In her new role, Escalas will focus on curriculum and course delivery across Owen’s degree programs. Escalas will teach Statistics for Marketing in Mod 1 and Consumer Insights in Mod 2. 

Kelly Goldsmith, Professor of Marketing, has been named E. Bronson Ingram Chair. Goldsmith is a behavioral scientist who examines consumers’ responses to uncertainty and scarcity. She primarily focuses on identifying and explaining seemingly paradoxical attributes of human behavior, (i.e.: in her studies, she finds that resource scarcity can lead consumers to be more generous, not just more selfish). Goldsmith will teach Marketing Management in Mod 2. 

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