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Vanderbilt Executive Education Announces Fall 2024 Programs

Jul 1, 2024
Find your professional niche and build a strong foundation in the executive skills needed to level up in your company

By Eigen Escario

Vanderbilt Executive Education has announced 5 Programs for Individuals for the fall of 2024: Strategic Cybersecurity Leadership, Negotiation Skills for Managers, Navigating Organizations, Financial Fundamentals for Non-Accountants, and Strategic Communication for Leaders. These courses are designed to furnish your executive toolbelt with valuable frameworks for effectively managing your team and organization in any industry. Limited seats are available for each program, and early registration is encouraged to avoid the waitlist.

Strategic Cybersecurity Leadership (September 26-27)

Pictured: Executive Education participant getting an online certificate on a laptop

Gain valuable cybersecurity strategy and leadership skills to successfully integrate technology like artificial intelligence in the workplace through this 2-day program led by seasoned cybersecurity experts with extensive industry, government, and military backgrounds. This program will equip senior decision-makers with practical insights and real-world strategies to deal with today’s cyber threats.

Participants can expect to analyze cutting-edge cybersecurity trends, understand and maximize efficiency with cyber attack solvency, and integrate cybersecurity and AI into the future of the workplace. The program also gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practical simulations pertaining to cybersecurity.

This program is beneficial to C-suite executives, chief risk officers, senior military officers, senior government leaders, and visionary leaders in technology and security.

Register for Strategic Cybersecurity Leadership.


Negotiation Skills for Managers (October 1-2)

Acquire and deploy key negotiation frameworks to improve your skills as a negotiator through this comprehensive 2-day program led by Ray Friedman, Professor of Management. This program will walk students through simple to complex situations, providing a robust negotiation framework that utilizes different strategies on a case-by-case basis.

Participants can expect to learn negotiation management to maximize value creation, facilitating negotiations through conflict resolution and consensus building, as well as effective methods for approaching multi-party negotiations. The program also gives students the opportunity to practice their negotiation strategies in different simulated scenarios.

This program is beneficial to senior executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs, rising supervisors, and managers at all levels.

Register for Negotiation Skills for Managers.


Navigating Organizations: The Manager’s Roadmap (October 8-9)

Pictured: Professor Rangaraj Ramanujam teaching a Vanderbilt Executive Education program in the classroom

Cultivate a management style with strategic intent and frameworks to optimize efficiency in the workplace through this unique 2-day program led by Rangaraj Ramanujam, Professor of Management. This program will enable managers to better structure and maintain their networks, along with streamlining communications—especially with risk planning and resolution.

Participants can expect to walk away with ideas and techniques for improving their skills in managing teams and individuals at all levels of an organization.

This program is beneficial to project managers, rising supervisors, new managers, directors and executives leading organizational change, directors moving up to lead divisions or large-scale organizations, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Register for Navigating Organizations: The Manager’s Roadmap.


Financial Fundamentals for Non-Accountants (October 22-24)

Elevate your foundational knowledge of finance and accounting through this intensive 3-day program led by Berk Sensoy, Professor of Finance, and Richard Willis, Professor of Accounting. This program tasks students with discussions, exercises, and case studies that will improve their literacy and analysis of numbers on the technical side of business, along with strategies for utilizing their company’s financial resources.

Participants can expect to bolster their financial analysis skills in risk management and company assessments and sharpen their skills in cash cycle optimization and disclosure literacy.

This program is beneficial to small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, operations managers, technology/product-line managers, and rising supervisors with budgetary responsibility.

Register for Financial Fundamentals for Non-Accountants.


Strategic Communication for Leaders (October 28-30)

Practice communication at a senior level through this virtual 3-day program led by Kimberly Pace, Professor for the Practice of Communication. This program offers students interactive exercises to integrate marketing strategies in communicating their personal brand and presenting information in professional settings.

Participants can expect to improve their skills in presentations, crisis communication, problem solving, cultivation of executive tone, and leadership in meetings.

This program is beneficial to C-suite executives, rising senior leaders, managers at all levels who want to differentiate their leadership, entrepreneurs in leadership positions, and board members who advise senior executives.

Register for Strategic Communication for Leaders.

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