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What is a

Each Vanderbilt Executive MBA C-Team is made up of four to five individuals who bring a diverse set of skills and experience to the table. The diversity comes not only in job function and industry, but also in age, gender and ethnicity as well. Those unique differences in backgrounds and life experiences create the ideal opportunity to maximize your learning experience. Intended to simulate a real-world corporate C-Suite team, the Executive MBA C-Team becomes a supported “learning lab” in which you can draw on the expertise of your team while stretching to reach your own leadership potential. It’s the reason our alums often say they learn as much from their peers as their world-class faculty. Learn More.

Based on your diverse backgrounds, you and each of your teammates will represent one (or more) of the functional areas within a typical C-Suite.

Vanderbilt Executive MBA C-Team.

My C-Suite Team included a set of individuals with highly diverse backgrounds both professionally and personally. We learned a great deal from each other about the assignments that we shared, but even more so about how to work together effectively, to appreciate a range of viewpoints and integrate them to find more effective solutions. We even learned how to deal with conflict much more constructively and adaptively.”

Jennifer Taylor Executive MBA, 2015


My C-Suite Team consisted of five members with a wide range of experience (engineer, trader, IT, lobbyist and healthcare). We didn’t always agree, but it quickly became evident that respect and compromise would be integral to the success of our team, just as they are in the actual work environment.

Kelly (Snyder) ScottExecutive MBA, 2015