Executive MBA
Exceptional Outcomes

Immediate, Lasting ROI.

Whether you choose the Executive Edge or Global Immersion MBA track, you’ll benefit from a program design that enables you and your organization to reap benefits right away — and for the long term. Learn more about organizations that benefit from our students' business acumen.

Hear directly from Executive Edge Track MBA and Global Immersion Track MBA students who have recognized an immediate ROI during and after the program.


ROI for You

Apply what is learned on Saturday in your workplace the following Monday
Gain new confidence as you better understand the functional areas of your organization
Receive recognition from colleagues (and superiors) who notice a difference in your performance
Quite often, receive promotions and salary increases well before graduation
Build a diverse peer network that serves you throughout your career

ROI for Your Organization

Immediate solutions to pressing issues
An increase in the bottom line traceable to contributions of employees in the program
Greater bench strength
Long-term loyalty of prized employees

What Students Say

“I directly attribute my promotion to things I’ve learned at Vanderbilt. As a woman in a tech environment, that extra bit of confidence that you know as much as they do makes a huge difference during my day-to-day interactions with colleagues.”

Adrianne Mayshar
Vanderbilt Executive MBA, 2016

“The program prepared me to transfer to new functions by broadening my skills in areas where I had gaps and broadening my perspective in general. It also built confidence that I could take on tough, new challenges and succeed. The program was a good investment for my company and a great one for me.”

Rahul Mehta
Vanderbilt Americas MBA, 2013

“I have had a return on investment. I was offered a new role – it was a level change of 3-4 steps. I know my contributions, confidence and initiative with starting the program signaled my enhanced abilities.”

Jared Johnson
Vanderbilt Americas MBA, 2017

“The network has already paid off. Whether it’s asking for advice on best practices, making business connections or gaining knowledge about a different industry, I now have a huge network of people to tap into that are willing to help.”

Ruth Elliot
Vanderbilt Executive MBA, 2017


“Halfway through the program I received a significant promotion. Peers and supervisors commented that my value to the business increased dramatically – specifically my ability to operate cross-functionally within the organization and link separate parts of the business in order to deliver improved results.”

John Terzo
Vanderbilt Executive MBA, 2017


By the numbers


The number of Executive MBA graduates who believe they add value to their organizations as a result of completing the program.

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