Capstone Strategy Project

Real Clients. Real Results. Real Impact.

The hallmark of the Year Two Vanderbilt Executive MBA experience is the Capstone Strategy Project, a total immersive experience in which you work with your team to integrate all of the tools and concepts from prior courses. You and your team will work directly with the executive team of a business client facing real challenges. You will be tasked with analyzing the often-messy reality of an existing organization and making recommendations to executive leadership of how the sponsoring organization should strategically move forward.

A+ Team Support for your C-Team

Your C-Team is never completely on its own. During the program, your team will receive support from our faculty and program staff. Support includes coaching on team dynamics and the progress of your work together, checkpoints to ensure you’re on track and guidance for projects that serve as a real-world learning laboratory. What help do you need? Just ask.

The C-Team approach throughout the program forces you to trust each other, encourage the best product from each individual and ultimately make decisions based on the input of each member of the group. This skill set has been invaluable to my approach post-graduation.

Jonathan ConnorExecutive MBA, 2014

Capstone Strategy Project Case Study

Capstone strategy project company sponsor Tristar Energy.

When 2011 graduate Jeff Williams, CFP of Tri Star Energy, started to work with an Executive MBA C-Team, he was looking for help in confirming the organization’s existing plans, financial models and valuation. As he says, “I was a financial guy, I was a Vanderbilt alum and I understood what they were going through.

I expected them to struggle understanding our business and they definitely did, but they overcame the obstacles by asking tons of good questions and by putting in the time needed to understand what we did and how to maximize value.” And the results? “We were forced to look at our organization in the mirror and see where we needed to invest our time and energy in order to increase our enterprise value. The recommendations they made were totally contrary to where we were headed at the time, but our management team and our Board have both realized that the C-Team was right and we needed to do a bit of a strategic pivot, which we are now in the process of doing. It was definitely a value-added experience” So much of a value that Jeff ended up hiring one of the team members to lead the financial planning and analysis group at Tri Star after graduation!