The Vanderbilt Global Immersion
Track Advantage

Why choose Global Immersion Track?

If you are serious about a global career–either an expat assignment or leadership position for a multinational company—the Global Immersion Track in Vanderbilt’s Executive MBA Program can give you a combination of advantages that is unique among U.S. business schools.

  • LEARN FROM LOCALS. During immersion experiences in Brazil, Canada and Mexico, you will learn business practices and cultures from faculty at each of the Americas Alliance partner schools. The knowledge and insights you will gain from professors who already are immersed in these economies will give you a strong foundation to meet the challenges of leading a business or teams in the economies of the Americas.
  • NORTH-TO-SOUTH EXPERTISE. While many U.S. schools offer Global Executive MBA programs focused on doing business “east to west,” the Global Immersion track at Vanderbilt leverages our long-standing expertise and relationships in the Americas through a curriculum that focuses on unique international business challenges found in the four largest economies in the Western Hemisphere. The Global Executive MBA-Americas Executive Edge

Leadership Development

The leap from manager to global leader requires depth in self-awareness, organizational awareness, strategic alignment to corporate strategy and skills in negotiation and influencing teams both in and outside of the U.S. In the program, coursework, cross-disciplinary and cross-border team projects help you identify and implement a personal leadership growth plan.

  • Strategy and Implementation Across the Americas The Global Immersion Track includes a year-long strategy project in Year Two. The 10-day residential immersions, featuring coursework uniquely appropriate to the host country, come to life as students work with international teammates to apply knowledge and expertise to real business challenges faced by multinational corporations.
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness This unique experience gives you an unparalleled opportunity to explore each country's people, politics, and culture-all of which are critical for any international business undertaking.
  • Management Fundamentals The core curriculum—the same used in the Vanderbilt weekday MBA program—lays the foundation in quantitative and soft skills including statistics, economics, finance, accounting, operations, marketing and organizational management.When you complete the program, you will be strongly positioned to make an impact in your organization and across international borders.


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