The Vanderbilt
Executive MBA Advantage


Why Vanderbilt?

Whether you’re aspiring to a senior leadership position or already have attained one, Vanderbilt enables you to earn a world-class MBA—the same degree awarded to our weekday students—while offering you a number of advantages you’re not likely to find elsewhere. The Vanderbilt Advantage:

  • ROI. You’ll enjoy an immediate return on your educational investment—one that is likely to pay for itself many times over as your career progresses.
  • More Flexibility. We efficiently pack a full MBA curriculum into a schedule that limits your classes to Saturdays, minimizing your time away from work and family, and enabling you to manage your time according to your need.
  • A Respected Name. Having a Vanderbilt degree opens doors of opportunity around the world.
  • Immersion Learning. We take a distinctive approach that broadens your perspective and equips you to make a difference in ways that classroom instruction alone can’t do.
  • A Supportive Network. As our students attest, Vanderbilt alumni will go out of their way to help you throughout your career as part of a diverse global network.
  • The C-Team Experience. Throughout the program, you’ll work as part of a cross-functional team of peers with complementary expertise to become a more informed, well-rounded leader.
  • Career Management throughout Your Career. Once you join our community, you can call on our alumni career management team for the duration of your professional life. 
  • Outstanding, Accessible Faculty. All great business schools have great faculty. Ours will know you by name. And their doors are always open for mentoring and advice.
  • Leadership Development. Other MBA programs help you learn business. Vanderbilt goes beyond and helps you learn how to lead.

By the numbers


The number of Executive MBA graduates who believe they add value to their organizations as a result of completing the program.

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