GEMBA International Capstone
Strategy Project

Hear from students about the International Capstone Strategy Project.

Real International Clients. Real Results. Real Global Impact.

The hallmark of the Year Two Vanderbilt Global Executive MBA-Americas experience is the International Capstone Strategy Project, a total immersive experience in which you work with your global team (supervised by Vanderbilt faculty) to integrate all of the tools and concepts from prior courses. You and your team will work directly with the executive team of a multinational company to help solve specific business challenges in the Americas region.


A-Team Support for your International Team

Your Team is never completely on its own. During the program, your team will receive support from our faculty, Americas Alliance partner school faculty and programs staff. Support includes coaching on team dynamics and the progress of your work together, checkpoints to ensure you’re on track and guidance for projects that serve as a real-world learning lab.

In addition, you will receive guidance on how best to work across borders and time zones, among teammates from different cultures and countries.

I began to better understand how culture affects business and business outcomes and gained valuable insight into risks and opportunities working in Brazil and Mexico, two of my company’s fastest growing regions. You can’t learn everything on this from books and videos. You have to fully experience life and work within those countries.

Patti Phan
Global EMBA, 2014

International Capstone Strategy Project Case Study

Client company partner for Global Executive MBA Americas project.

For Global Executive MBA-Americas graduate Jon Haworth, the International Capstone Strategy Project experience came with a certain amount of pressure. His client on the project, Brian Gleason, was not only an Owen graduate (class of 1997), but also his boss. At the time, Gleason was president and CEO of Des-Case, a manufacturing company of special filtration products for industrial lubricants. With a robust double-digit annual revenue growth rate and a rapidly expanding international market presence, Des-Case was considering major market expansion options. When it was time to develop a market fulfillment strategy for Latin America, he came to Owen and the inaugural Americas MBA cohort. Having Haworth, who was VP of Product Innovation and Plant Operations at the time, bring the expertise of his Americas teammates to bear on both the strategy and detailed implementation, provided significant insight. The team brought not only specific knowledge of the South American markets that Des-Case was considering, but also a cultural sensitivity to nuances across and within them. The team delivered strategic recommendations and a phased approach to build its first South American facility to support DesCase’s business requirements for the next ten years.

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