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Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation is an accelerated, all-inclusive, 12-month program that prepares you for a career in the dynamic field of valuation. Small class sizes and courses taken with MBA, MS Finance, and MAcc Assurance students help maximize learning and enable you to build a valuable global network of business connections. As part of the program, you will have the unique opportunity to prepare and sit for both the CFA and the CPA exams using the Schweser CFA and Becker CPA review courses offered on campus. You will sit for both exams concurrent with taking the respective review courses. Learn more about licensure and certification information here.
Incoming students pursuing this degree need to have demonstrated strong academic performance in prior university studies. You need to have completed introductory courses in accounting, corporate finance, mathematics, and economics, and intermediate-level courses in microeconomics, calculus, and statistics from an accredited school, with a grade of B or better. Many students are admitted to the program before these requirements are met, with the expectation that requirements will be met before starting the program. Any additional prerequisite requirements will be determined on an individual basis, as some students may need to develop core competencies prior to the start of the program.
Degree candidates must successfully complete 37 hours of coursework to graduate. The academic calendar at Owen is based on the module (mod) system. Each mod consists of 7 weeks, and 2 mods equal one semester.
Curriculum and course information is updated annually and is subject to change.

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Expand your knowledge of valuation by applying your education to "real-world" experience through a paid internship with a global accounting and professional services firm.

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In just 12 months, earn a Vanderbilt MAcc degree, take the CPA exam, and launch your career at a BIG 4. CPA exam prep is built into the program, and you’ll benefit from one of the highest CPA pass Rates in the U.S.

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The average first-time CPA exam pass rate (5-year average)—among the highest for top Master of Accountancy programs.

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From world-class faculty to paid internships, consistently high CPA pass rates, and exceptional outcomes, the Vanderbilt MAcc degree provides unique opportunities to help you successfully launch your career.


Program Information

Q. Do you accept applications for spring entry into the MAcc Valuation program?

No. We accept applications for fall entrance only.

Q. Do you offer a part-time MAcc Valuation program?

No, the MAcc Valuation program is designed to be a full-time, one-year intensive program with a structured curriculum and partner firm recruitment process.

Q. Will I be CPA license eligible if I complete the Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation program?

We work closely with NASBA CPAES and the Tennessee State Board to ensure that our program meets the educational requirements for licensure in the state of Tennessee.

Q. Does the MAcc Valuation program offer a CPA prep course?

Vanderbilt MAcc students prepare and sit for the CPA exam using the Becker CPA Review Course. The Vanderbilt MAcc program has partnered with Becker, and students study and sit for all four parts between graduation and the start of full-time employment. Standard industry practice is for new incoming associates to start work full-time in September. It is expected that students will sit for the CPA exam concurrent with the Becker course. Partner firms pay for the cost of the Becker CPA review once a full-time job is accepted. If the student's cost is not covered by his/her employer, or he/she has not accepted a full-time position, the student is responsible for the cost of the Becker CPA review.

Q. When do students matriculate each year?

Classes begin in early August. Orientation is required for all incoming students and typically begins 2 weeks before classes. The MAcc program has a structured curriculum and partner firm recruitment process, as you can see by viewing our academic and recruiting calendar here. 

Q. Will I take the CFA exam during the program?

The CFA exam is three levels. Students in our program will study for Level 1 in the fall semester and take the Level 1 exam in November.

Q. Is it possible for MAcc students to live in university housing on campus?

No. On-campus housing is limited to undergraduate students. For more information, please visit Vanderbilt University's web-based Off-Campus Housing Service. Additionally, The Broadview at Vanderbilt is a new community available to graduate and professional students located just steps from campus in the heart of midtown. Students who live close to Vanderbilt generally walk or bike to campus. Most students have cars, but this is a personal decision.

Q. Will I be included in Owen's social structure (student organizations, Closing Bell, etc.)?

Owen's active student body offers a number of opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom, and MAcc students will have access to all professional and social clubs

Admissions Information

Q. Do you require any full-time experience? If I have full-time work experience, can I still apply?

While the majority of our students apply for the Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation program directly out of an undergraduate program, we do welcome applicants who have between one and three years of full-time work experience. When we evaluate your application, we consider all full-time work, military experience, part-time work, internships, co-op assignments, summer jobs, volunteer work and campus involvement/leadership.

Q. Does a particular background give me any advantage in the admissions process?

No. We seek students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Diversity in all forms—academic, professional, cultural, ethnic, gender, geographic, socioeconomic and so on—is an important component of the Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation experience. In terms of academic background, we encourage students from diverse disciplines to apply. We do look for students with strong quantitative skills and require several prerequisites that lend themselves to majors in business, finance, accounting, economics or math. However, we do not require that you have a certain major as long as you are able to complete the prerequisites prior to matriculating into our program.

Q. Does the Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation program accept transfer students or transfer credits?

No. Most top business schools do not accept transfer students or transfer credits.

Q. What are your prerequisites? Do I have to have them completed before I apply?

Incoming MAcc Valuation students need to have demonstrated strong academic performance in prior university studies, with significant, proven quantitative experience and aptitude. Students must have completed the following courses from an accredited school, with a grade of B or better. Many students are admitted to the program before this requirement is met. Any additional prerequisite requirements will be determined on an individual basis, as some students may need to develop core competencies prior to the start of the program. 

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Mathematics and Applied Statistics
  • Economics
  • Finance

Q. Will you admit international students?

We have admitted international students with very strong English language skills who have lived or studied in the U.S. We require all our students to have very strong communication skills and have the ability to work in a team environment with a variety of people. Therefore, we will intensely evaluate you on these skill sets during the application process.


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