Vanderbilt Business Magazine | Winter 2019

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Owen at 50: The Ansoff Era

Fifty years ago Vanderbilt University was finally, irrevocably, on its way to launching a graduate business school. After a decade of informal discussions and formal presentations, the university made its commitment and was actively soliciting major donors among both individuals and foundations. Vanderbilt had even secured a building for the new school: the former Cosmopolitan […]

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Learning the Value of a Dollar

I was 15 years old when my dad, Cal Turner Sr., took the step that changed everything. It involved the kind of creative leap that comes along all too rarely, and it ultimately left a huge mark on American business. J.L. Turner and Son, as it was called then (James Luther Turner was my grandfather), […]

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New Generation

If you want to gauge the hot areas of the economy—whether it’s technology, real estate or private equity—listen to the career aspirations of incoming business school students. Similarly, if you want to get a read on the future of business and business education, look to the Owen School’s newest faculty hires. A case in point […]

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Does Index Investing Pose Hidden Risks?

When Bob Whaley was creating the agenda for the annual spring conference at Vanderbilt’s Financial Markets Research Center (FMRC), he tore through a variety of business publications looking for possible topics. It didn’t take long before he was “inundated” with articles about exchangetraded funds, ETFs. Exchange-traded funds are passive investment vehicles that track a market […]

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