Don’t Just Study Business. Immerse Yourself in It.

We strongly believe that immersion learning is the best way to bring classroom theory and business fundamentals to life. That’s why our curriculum includes several immersion experiences that help you tackle business challenges as a team and take deep dives into key areas of business management.


Executive MBA students travel to Japan in international residency immersion.

The C-Team Experience. Since most business decisions are made collaboratively, you’ll complete much of your work during both years of the program as part of a cross-functional C-Team of peers. This immersive learning experience will allow you to work with your C-Team on assignments as part of the Executive MBA curriculum and broaden your perspective as you gain insights from others with a complementary balance of backgrounds and functional expertise.

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The Capstone Strategy Project.

Throughout the second year of the Executive Edge track, you and your C-Team will integrate everything you’ve learned to build a strategic plan for a real client company. Learn More.

Creating and Launching the Venture.

In year two of the Executive Edge track, you and your C-Team will research, create and present a business plan either for a startup or an existing business to expand into new areas. Learn More.




New Harmony

Your first year begins with a residence in the retreat setting of New Harmony, Indiana, providing you with time away from life’s daily demands and offering you the opportunity to acclimate to your new role as a student. Learn More.

Year Two Launch

Your second year in the Executive Edge track begins with two long weekends in Nashville, where you will begin immersing yourself in more strategic curriculum and preparing for your capstone experiences.

International Residency

During your second year in this track, you will have the opportunity to broaden your global perspective through a weeklong International Residency. Through visits to companies and conversations with local executives in one or two host countries, you’ll gain new insights into the differences and complexities of managing business across borders. Learn More.

Optional Math Camp

As you prepare to return to the classroom, you can participate in Math Camp to get reacquainted with the quantitative concepts that are foundation of the first-year curriculum. Learn More.