The Master of Management in Health Care program cost for the 2024-25 academic year:

Program Fees$4,500
Student Service Fees$758*
Student Health Fee$968*
Parking Permit $175**
Transcript $100 (one-time/lifetime fee)

Tuition is paid in 3 installments during the time you are enrolled at Vanderbilt. You will need to make payments in fall (33.3 percent), spring (33.3 percent), and summer (33.3 percent). Program fee includes/covers books, supplies, and meals while on campus.

*Listed amount is the total for Fall, Spring & Summer.

**Estimated based on current year cost. Final cost TBD.


Company Sponsorship

Master of Management in Health Care students often receive some level of financial support from their employers. Sponsoring organizations enjoy many benefits from this investment. Typically about 4 percent of students are fully self-funded.

How your organization benefits from your studies

Almost from day one, Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care students apply classroom and project learning to solve problems at work. Their heightened knowledge and skills make them more valuable, versatile managers—blending quantitative and financial acumen, leadership, and strategic planning to support organizational challenges. Executive perspective is enhanced to support organization-wide goals.

Learn more about ROI for Organizations and ROI for Students.


Master of Management in Health Care students may apply for U.S. Government loans as full-time students via the Vanderbilt Financial Aid Office. Because students are working executives capable of funding education through corporate sponsorships, loans, and cash flow, scholarships are limited.

To learn more about your loan options, visit the following websites:


Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program

Vanderbilt University is a proud participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program. At Vanderbilt, all students who qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program are entitled to receive a Yellow Ribbon award.

Vanderbilt's Yellow Ribbon Program support includes a dedicated financial aid officer who is familiar with your benefit opportunities.

Further information regarding the use of veterans' educational benefits at Vanderbilt University may be found here: veterans' benefits.

Questions regarding VA educational benefits should be directed to the VA School Certifying Official in the Office of the University Registrar at:


Tuition and Financing Information

Q. Are scholarships available?

There is limited scholarship funding.

Q. Do I need a sponsor?

We will consider a limited number of health care professionals who are not sponsored on a space-available basis. They will need to meet admission requirements and, unless self-employed, have the endorsement (e.g., a recommendation to attend) as well as support for fulfilling course requirements such as scheduled class time from their employer.

Q. If I am not sponsored, how will I be assigned to a Capstone Project?

Accepted students who are not sponsored may be grouped with others to work on a project of the faculty's choosing rather than on a strategic initiative for their own organizations. Every effort will be made to assign a project in the student's area of interest, but we cannot guarantee the outcome.

Q. What is meant by sponsorship?

The Vanderbilt Master of Management in Health Care was designed in collaboration with health care delivery organizations looking for ways to help their physicians and other clinical managers bridge the management gap and, in doing so, equip them to manage people, processes and initiatives for the company. As a sponsor, the organization identifies the appropriate candidates for the program, pays all or part of the cost of the program for these employees, and supports these individuals as they balance their organizational workload with the requirements of the program.

Q. What's the benefit in sponsoring employees?

This program encourages students to intelligently and immediately apply their newfound knowledge and skills to improve on the job performance in ways that benefit their employers. In addition, the program helps multiple employees within the same organization hone their teamwork skills while addressing a strategic, real-world problem facing the sponsoring organization during the Capstone Project. As a result, this program is ideally suited for organizations that wish to sponsor multiple students.