EMBA Immersion Learning

At Vanderbilt, we believe immersion learning is the best way to bring the classroom theory and fundamentals to life. Built into the curriculum of the program, there are several immersion experiences that are designed to help you tackle business challenges as a team, practice doing business on a global scale and focus with a team of peers during deep-dives into key areas of business management.


Executive MBA students travel to Japan in international residency immersion.

Owen Executive MBA (EMBA) students in class and candids of them mingling and talking to each other and to faculty. (Daniel Dubois / Copyright Vanderbilt University)

The C-Team: Learn to lead as part of a real C-Suite team of Executives.

Since most business decisions are made collaboratively, we believe you learn best as part of a team. That’s why at Vanderbilt, you’ll complete much of your work as part of a cross-functional C-Team of peers. Throughout the program, this immersive learning experience will allow you to work with your C-Team on assignments as part of the EMBA curriculum, collaborate on a Capstone Strategy Project and even create and launch a new venture.

We carefully design these teams to emulate a C-suite of executives, including a complementary balance of backgrounds and expertise, so you’ll have people on your team representing the various roles you’d find in a typical organization. This team design is part “art” and part “science” as we pair you  during the admissions process based on backgrounds, industries and skill sets.

As a result of immersing yourself within a diverse team, you’ll widen the lens through which you see problems (just as top executives must do). And chances are, as our graduates often say, you’ll learn as much from your C-Team as from your professor in the class.


The Capstone Strategy Project: Put your classroom learning into practice. Learn more.

The Capstone Strategy Project is a total immersion experience in which you integrate all of the tools and concepts from prior courses in the EMBA curriculum to build a strategic plan for a real client company with your C-Team.

Creating and Launching the Venture: Create a new business venture and pitch it to a team of entrepreneurs. Learn More.

This course gives you the opportunity to work with your C-Team to develop a business plan for a start-up or an expansion into new areas, where you will become comfortable writing a business plan from scratch and presenting your ideas to venture capital firms for financing.


New Harmony: Kick off your Executive MBA Experience with a weeklong residency in the intentionally remote town of New Harmony, Indiana. Learn More.

Your first year jump-starts in New Harmony, providing you with time away from the daily demands of your professional and personal lives, giving you ample opportunity to acclimate to your new role as “student” and begin forming the bonds with peers and others in the Vanderbilt community that will last a lifetime.

Year Two Mini-Residency

Your second year begins with a one-week intensive residency in Nashville, TN where you will jumpstart your upcoming Year Two curriculum as well as prepare for the Capstone Strategy Project.

Students prepare for the Executive MBA program at their first immersion.

The International Residency: Visit international businesses and get a feel for how your learnings translate to a global marketplace. Learn More.

The weeklong international residency is an integral and final part of the Global Enterprise Sequence and ensures that classroom discussions and theory are brought to life in an effective and compelling manner.