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Vanderbilt Executive Education Announces Spring 2024 Programs

Feb 6, 2024
Elevate your leadership skills with expert-led Executive Education sessions, from navigating change to mastering persuasive communication

By Eigen Escario

Vanderbilt Executive Education unveils 5 programs for individuals this spring: Leading Change, Persuasive & Influential Speaking, Executive Leadership, Leadership Coaching, and Leading and Achieving Transformational Growth. These programs are designed to bolster essential skills for leadership in the workplace, supplementing professional development skills to help participants stand out in their careers. Limited seats are available for each program, and early registration is encouraged to avoid the waitlist.

Leading Change (April 16-17)

Pictured: Ray Friedman, Vanderbilt Business Brownlee O. Currey Chair, Professor of Management

Ray Friedman

Acquire an essential and robust skillset to deal with change and lead projects to success through this unique 2-day Vanderbilt Executive Education program taught by Ray Friedman, Brownlee O. Currey Chair, Professor of Management. Through research-based frameworks, models, and strategies, you will become a stronger leader of change within your workplace.

Participants will cultivate their leadership skills to ensure that change projects succeed and identify common mistakes to avoid and anticipate barriers to change. The program will discuss best practices to build support for embracing and sustaining change, as well as valuable strategies to leverage technology for change.

The program benefits C-Suite executives, mid-level managers, and project managers engaged in change initiatives.

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Persuasive & Influential Speaking (April 22-23)

Pictured: Kimberly Pace, Vanderbilt Business Professor for the Practice of Communication

Kimberly Pace

Improve your management communication speaking skills, no matter the managerial or executive situation, through this unique 2-day program taught by Kimberly Pace, Professor for the Practice of Communication. Gain confidence with your communication goals through the program’s analysis of your personal speech style strengths and weaknesses.

Participants can expect to become stronger storytellers and communicators in the workplace through advanced vocal techniques (tone, diction, pitch, etc.), impromptu crisis resolution, and leveraging digital tools for motivation and communication.

This program is beneficial to C-Suite executives, rising senior leaders who expect to join the C-Suite in the next year, managers who want to differentiate their leadership, entrepreneurs thrust into leadership positions, and board members who advise senior executives.

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Executive Leadership (April 30 – May 2)

Pictured: Mark Cannon, Vanderbilt Business Associate Professor of Management

Mark Cannon

Become a stronger leader in your executive role through this intensive 3-day program under the instruction of Mark Cannon, Associate Professor of Management, which will leave you equipped to lead more effectively and achieve your professional and organizational goals.

Participants will come out of the program with frameworks and techniques to become leaders who build a shared vision, improve teamwork, and increase productivity. The program will discuss strategies to motivate others, lead change more effectively, and develop action plans for impactful change in your organization.

This program is beneficial to C-Suite executives, board directors, mid-level managers, and rising supervisors.

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Leadership Coaching (May 7-8)

Build necessary competencies to coach effectively and become a positively-motivating leader through this distinct 2-day program conducted by Mark Cannon, Associate Professor of Management. Whether you manage entry-level employees or executives, this program will help you sharpen employee skills, address shortcomings, and develop leaders in the workplace.

Participants can expect to gain methods to enhance leadership capabilities through effective coaching, and how to use this skill to develop, attract, and retain talented employees. The program will discuss how you can identify employees’ key needs, setting goals for their development, creating action plans, and providing ongoing assessment.

This program is beneficial to C-Suite executives, managers of all levels, HR professionals, consultants, and organizational development practitioners.

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Leading and Achieving Transformational Growth (May 14- 16)

Achieve sustainable growth within your organization through this unique Executive Education Program for Individuals. This course is designed for professionals committed to enhancing their leadership skills, driving innovation, and accelerating their organization’s trajectory.

Through this 3-day program, participants will walk away equipped to cultivate an innovative work environment, develop a strategic innovation strategy that aligns with organizational goals, design and develop market-driven offerings by understanding customer needs, and execute the process of driving adoption. This program is beneficial for a wide range of professionals, including functional heads, departmental leaders, customer experience & insights professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners, innovation and strategy leaders, consultants, and advisors.

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