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Students Share Why the Vanderbilt Americas MBA for Executives Program, our Global Executive MBA offering, is Unique


The Vanderbilt Americas MBA for Executives, our Global Executive MBA offering, is a 21-month program designed for working professionals with global executive responsibilities or those aspiring to take on cross-border assignments in their next role. Our international degree program offers core Executive MBA business courses on alternating Saturdays in Nashville during Year One, then switches in Year Two to four 10-day international immersion residencies in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. You might be asking, “How is this program different from an international MBA?” Our Global Executive MBA offering not only prepares experienced executives for doing business internationally, but it also focuses on leadership development, gives you a real global team experience and grants you access to top global Executive MBA program faculty across the Americas region. Read more in the Americas Advantage.


Patti Phan

Senior Commerical Sourcing Manager, Mars Petcare

Since her employer, Mars Petcare, is transitioning itself into a global food company, Patti Phan wanted an MBA focused on skills for global business. Her choice of Vanderbilt paid dividends even while she was still in the program. Applying skills she had learned, Patti developed a new global sourcing strategy that resulted in $30 million in savings for Mars. “My company,” she says, “has seen me develop as a leader.”

Jorge Mejia

Director, Fabric Development, Fruit of the Loom

Halfway through the AMBA program, Jorgé Mejia received a challenge at work: Find a productive use for textile waste from Fruit of the Loom’s factory. He devised a strategy for selling recycled textile waste for us in the construction, automotive and health care industries. His project was successful, he says, only because of knowledge and skills he gained at Vanderbilt.

Richard L. Daft

Professor of Management, Emeritus and Principal Senior Lecturer

A noted expert in organization behavior and organization design, Richard Daft is among the most highly cited academics in the fields of economics and business.

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