Vanderbilt’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) offers you an experience unlike any other Master of Marketing program in the country. Learn more about yourself and your work style through industry-proven assessments, and work with executive coaches to help you turn personal insights into personal success strategies.

How it Works

Hogan Assessment

Add a competitive advantage by understanding your talents and potential more fully. Identify areas that will differentiate you from your peers as well as underdeveloped areas that may need bolstering to achieve your future goals by employing a leadership assessment used to develop leaders in more than half the Fortune 500 companies.

LDP 1:1 Meetings

Work with the LDP team to unpack your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to your personal goals. Start to develop practical strategies to enhance and develop your strengths and weaknesses through the experiences in the program. Take time to learn from your experiences in the Fall.

Executive Coaching

Build on what you learn through your experiences starting with Orientation through Mod 2  by working with a certified executive coach to explore and set strategies for managing your strengths and weaknesses, managing stress and/or defining personal success that will help guide your career decisions. By establishing a personal success strategy for your first job post-graduation, you will be prepared to impress your future boss from day one.

By the numbers


The way we approach career coaching, job search support, and leadership development in the Master of Marketing program.

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Leadership Development Program

Q. If MMark LDP is not part of the curriculum, why do students participate?

What you learn about yourself through LDP can shape how you tackle your job search, how you respond to interview questions, how you lead or contribute to high-functioning student and work teams and how you build your career.

Q. Is the Leadership Development Program part of the curriculum?

No, LDP is not part of any curriculum at Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management. By design, LDP is layered with your academic work to help you develop as a more capable, well-rounded marketing professional. Just like in industry—when your company offers you access to resources dedicated to high-potential leaders—your level of initiative, openness to new challenges and drive for success is demonstrated by how you leverage those resources.

Q. What is the Hogan Assessment?

Hogan is a personality-based assessment used by more than half of the Fortune 500 companies, including companies like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and YUM! Hogan was developed to improve workplace performance and is used among companies globally.

Q. Who are the executive coaches?

Our executive coaches in the Owen Coaching Network are a carefully vetted, high-performing set of independent coaches whose full-time job is to coach executives, leaders and future leaders in industry. Their primary clients are corporate leaders, and they take on as many Owen student coaching clients as their schedules will allow in a given year. Our coaches are qualified by the International Coach Federation, and the coaches who work with MMark students are a specific subset of the larger network. Our MMark coaches have extensive experience working with marketing professionals and/or coaching marketing and early career stage professionals.