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Complete the form to receive the Ultimate Guide to Master of Marketing Admissions, as well as additional information about the Vanderbilt Master of Marketing program.

Complete the form to receive the Ultimate Guide to Master of Marketing Admissions, as well as additional information about the Vanderbilt Master of Marketing program.


Admissions Criteria

Vanderbilt is unique in our mission to provide world-class business education on a personal scale. We seek exceptionally talented individuals who will value our diverse community, meet the challenges of our rigorous program, and join our collaborative alumni network.

As we evaluate applications, we have a holistic approach and look for success in three main areas of your life:

Academic Potential

  • Ideal candidates for the Vanderbilt Master of Marketing (MMark) program are close to completing a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree or its equivalent or have recently graduated (within 1-2 years). If you apply before graduation, you must complete your degree before enrolling in the Master of Marketing program.
  • We rely on your academic records and test scores to assess your ability to succeed academically in the program. Ideal candidates have taken a demanding course load in any field of study and have a consistent record of high performance.

Experience and Goals

  • Full-time work experience is not required; however, we strongly recommend internships in marketing or a related field. Most incoming students find that completing a professional internship or job prior to starting the Master of Marketing program allows them to understand new concepts more fully and enable more meaningful contributions in MBA-level classes.
  • We highly value student leadership, community service, and extracurricular activities that showcase your leadership skills and your ability to share unique perspectives with the class.
  • While the program offers you the opportunity to explore various marketing careers, we expect you to have invested time considering your unique career goals in marketing through research and informational interviews with marketing professionals.

Personal Qualities and Fit

  • Vanderbilt Master of Marketing students have a balanced approach to life, a history of accomplishment, a sense of social responsibility, and strong interpersonal and creative skills, all showing their outstanding potential for leadership in business and society.
  • We hope your essays, recommendations, and interview will reveal personal qualities that fit the Vanderbilt culture: integrity, self-awareness, professionalism, communication skills, curiosity, open-mindedness, generosity, authenticity, cooperation, motivation, and excellence.

We're committed to a diverse and inclusive learning community. Learn more here.

How to Apply

You are about to take the first step toward enhancing your professional potential, exploring and expanding your career possibilities and discovering a new community of bright people from all over the world.

Application Requirements

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We recognize that business school is a significant investment in your personal and professional development. We are committed to helping students afford the cost of tuition by offering scholarships and low-interest loan options.

However you choose to finance your Vanderbilt Master of Marketing degree, know that the jobs and salaries secured by our graduates often make the loan payback period significantly shorter. With such a high rate of return, this 10-month program is an investment worth making. For more information, view our exceptional outcomes.

Master of Marketing Class of 2021 Profile

  • 44 Class Size
  • 22 Average Age
  • 3.55 Undergraduate GPA Average
  • 305 Average GRE Score
  • 68% Women
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Application Deadlines

The Fall 2022 application for Master of Marketing program will open on August 16, 2021. We encourage you to apply as early as possible.

Round2021-2022 Deadlines
EarlyOctober 1, 2021
1November 5, 2021
2January 28, 2022
3*March 25, 2022

*Limited to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and international students with a four-year U.S. undergraduate degree.

Applications are accepted and reviewed after the Round 4 deadline on a rolling basis if seats remain.

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Discover Vanderbilt

Visiting Vanderbilt is a great way to determine if this is the right business school for you. A campus visit offers you an insider's view and is the best way to gain a realistic impression of life as an Owen student.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Vanderbilt is a place where you will be challenged to achieve your potential, find support as you shape your future, discover lifelong friends and mentors and open doors to new possibilities. Find out more about diversity and inclusion at Vanderbilt here.

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Program Information

Q. Do you accept applications for spring entry into the Master of Marketing program?

No. While we accept applications throughout the year, all students begin classes in July and graduate in May.

Q. Do you offer part-time Master of Marketing programs?

No, the Master of Marketing program is a full-time, 10-month, on-campus program.

Q. What is the application process for completing an MBA at Vanderbilt after graduating with the Master of Marketing degree?

A Vanderbilt Master of Marketing graduate who works three to five years and decides to pursue a Vanderbilt MBA is one semester ahead, with 12 credits applicable toward the 62-credit MBA program.The graduate must still complete an MBA application and be considered in the competitive applicant pool. If accepted into Vanderbilt's MBA program, the candidate can complete the MBA in three semesters instead of four. MBA applicants have an average of five years of work experience, many in the kinds of entry-level marketing and sales roles that Master of Marketing students will attain. MMark graduates will need to build the appropriate experience, then apply to the Vanderbilt MBA program and complete the remaining core classes and requirements in place at the time of MBA enrollment.

Q. When do classes begin?

All Master of Marketing students are required to attend Orientation and complete on-campus course work prior to the start of the academic semester. Master of Marketing students report to campus in late July. For a full list of dates, please visit the Academic Calendar.

Q. What is the difference between a Master of Marketing degree and an MBA degree?

The Master of Marketing is an accelerated, 10-month, 31-credit program that is a deep dive into all facets of marketing (fundamentals, analytics, and marketing strategy) and two independent-study immersions—one in industry and one in a specific marketing content area—providing the opportunity for students to tailor the curriculum to help them secure an entry-level role in marketing that does not require full-time work experience. An MBA is a 21-month, 62-credit program providing more general management offerings, including other core management topics (finance, economics, operations, accounting, organization management, strategy). An MBA allows for a summer internship in a new field (helpful for career switchers) and generally requires full-time work experience for MBA-level job consideration. A Vanderbilt Master of Marketing graduate who works three to five years post-graduation and decides to pursue a Vanderbilt MBA is one semester ahead, with 12 credits applicable toward the MBA (if accepted).

Q. What types of positions will I be qualified for upon graduating from the Master of Marketing program?

Students graduating with a Vanderbilt Master of Marketing degree will be qualified for a variety of positions within the broad scope of marketing: analytics, digital marketing (including web-based and social media marketing), advertising and promotion, sales, and market research.

Q. Will I be included in Owen's social structure (student clubs, socials, etc.)?

Owen's active student body offers a number of opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom, and Master of Marketing students will have access to all professional and social clubs.

Admissions Information

Q. Can Master of Marketing graduates return to Owen to complete an MBA?

Yes, Master of Marketing students can apply to the Vanderbilt MBA program. The admissions standards for the MBA program are different and generally require three to five years of work experience. If you are admitted to the MBA program, some of the Master of Marketing course credits can be used to satisfy MBA graduation requirements.

Q. Does a particular academic or professional background give me an advantage in the admissions process?

We seek students from a wide variety of majors and backgrounds.

Q. Does the Master of Marketing program accept transfer students or transfer credits?

No, the program does not accept transfer students or transfer credits.

Q. What kind of work experience does the Admissions Committee consider?

We do not require prior full-time work experience for the Master of Marketing program. However, competitive applicants will have at least one internship that is applicable to career interests in marketing.

Q. Who is eligible to apply?

Master of Marketing applicants need to have completed an undergraduate program at an accredited four-year undergraduate institution and should have shown high academic and personal achievement. Scores on the GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL (for applicants who are not native English speakers) should be competitive with other Vanderbilt graduate programs. Applicants should also have proven creative and analytical aptitude and exceptional communication skills.

Q. Does the Vanderbilt Master of Marketing program accept a 3-year undergraduate degree?

A three (3) year degree does not meet the Vanderbilt Master of Marketing program's academic admission qualifications/requirements. International students must have a degree from an accredited 4-year undergraduate program, or they must also complete the Charter Accountancy Designation OR at least one year of a Master of Commerce degree program to compliment the 3-year degree.