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At Vanderbilt Business, we appreciate the diversity in languages, cultural backgrounds, and worldviews that our international students bring to this community. As a globally focused university, we seek to connect with new friends and alumni around the world.

Find out where in the world our alumni live with this interactive map.


MBA Scholarship Opportunities

Vanderbilt Business awards Diversity of Citizenship Scholarships for Foreign Nationals to citizens of countries other than the United States, based on both academic merit and the degree to which the individual demonstrates how he or she can enhance the learning experience of other students in the Vanderbilt MBA program. Students are automatically considered for these scholarships upon submission of their application, and there is not a separate scholarship application. For information on loans available to Vanderbilt students, please visit our Tuition, Loans, and Scholarship page.

Partnerships with
Loan-Scholarship Institutions

We partner with a variety of global institutions to offer guaranteed scholarship to admitted candidates who receive a loan-scholarship through one of the following institutions:

Colombia: COLFUTURO for a minimum of 50% tuition scholarship for 2 MBA candidates per year.
Corporación de la Unidad de Conocimiento Empresarial for a minimum of 50% tuition scholarship for an unlimited number of MBA candidates

Guatemala: GUATEFUTURO for a minimum of 30% tuition scholarship for up to 2 MBA candidates per year and a minimum of 15% tuition scholarship for up to 2 MSF candidates per year.

Mexico: FUNED for a minimum of $20,000 per year in scholarship to 5 MBA candidates per year and a minimum of $10,000 per year to 5 MSF candidates per year.

Honduras: HONDUFUTURO for a minimum of 30% tuition scholarships for up to 2 MBA candidates per year and a minimum of 15% tuition scholarship for up to 2 MSF candidates per year.

STEM Designation

Students interested in studying at Vanderbilt Business are able to work in the U.S. for 3 years after graduation, thanks to the STEM designation awarded to the following programs: 

  • MBA with a Finance concentration;
  • MBA with an Operations & Analytics concentration;
  • Master of Marketing; and
  • Master of Science in Finance.

The STEM designation allows international students to extend their post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the U.S. by 24 months, for a total of 36 months.

Loan Options
Without U.S. Cosigner

Prodigy Finance

Japanese & Korean Resources

Explore the dynamic International student experience at Vanderbilt Business through dedicated resources available in Japanese and Korean.

These accessible materials serve as a valuable guide, breaking language barriers and inviting prospective students to envision a rewarding academic journey at Vanderbilt Business.

Cosmopolitan Week

A Bridge Between International and Domestic Students

Cosmopolitan Week brings the domestic and international worlds together through events where international students introduce their countries and cultures to the rest of the student body.

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