Master of Marketing


In addition to the broad base of insight you’ll gain from the curriculum, you’ll deepen your knowledge of industries and companies of special interest to you through two immersion experiences. This aspect of the program is customized to fit your specific career goals.

In the Mod 1 Directed Study course, you’ll develop knowledge regarding an industry of your choice. You’ll research the major firms competing in that industry and do a deep-dive analysis of the products and/or services offered by those firms, as well as the marketing endeavors they are pursuing.

Throughout the mod, you’ll submit project proposals and progress reports. At the end of the term, you’ll turn in a paper that describes your research and do a class presentation that showcases your findings. Between gaining insight from your own research and being exposed to other students’ findings, you’ll develop industrial knowledge that is both deep and broad.

In the Mod 4 Directed Study course, you’ll expand your managerial toolbox with the skills most relevant to the professional career you are about to launch. You may decide to pursue this Directed Study in the context of an internship or develop skills through custom reading lists. The goal is for you to identify the skills that will make you a better professional and to work on honing those skills prior to graduation.

Beyond the Classroom

In the Vanderbilt Master of Marketing program, you will benefit from resume-building experiences such as an optional career trek sponsored by the Career Management Center, activities and events sponsored by the Owen Marketing Association and a popular short course entitled BrandWeek.